1. Mega Ray 160w mercury vapour  bulb self ballasted
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    Mega Ray 160w mercury vapour bulb self ballasted

    Price:  £37.00


    When using the 160w please use a suitable holder, any holder that takes 200w + please see on website the holders we stock

    Using anything less will push your bulb and holder to the limit.


    The Mega Ray lamps are fast becoming one of the most talked about combined uv/heat lamps to appear on the UK market. Developed initially for the rehabilitation of sick reptiles in need of high quality UVB in order to recover. This lamp is now available to all reptile keepers, Independent tests prove the quality of this lamp is unmatched by any other combined UV/Heat lamp on the market - this clearly is the leader with less than 30% decay over the life of the bulb where other top brands are decaying, in some cases 80% in the first 6 months. Your reptiles will really appreciate the quality of these bulbs, equivalent basking at 18" is like your reptile sitting outside in the full sun. A source of good quality UVB is proven to increase appetite, activity, breeding and the general well being of your reptiles. Also for sick reptiles this lamp could prove better than medicine, certainly if you are nursing sick animals placing them with access to the mega-ray lamp will speed up recovery. Warranty period for our products is 12 months from date of original purchase. For holders for this product see any of our holders that support the 100w or higher ceramic fittings and domes: Click here for holders For information on the independent testing this lamp has undergone: www.uvguide.co.uk If you have any queries or questions e-mail : jo@megaray.co.uk




    These bulbs are designed to hang straight down and not at an angle.



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